X79 overclock xeon

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. BlackArchon Member. Jun 23, 71 10 8. While "common knowledge" of most people seems to be that Xeons don't have an open multiplier, a few guys know it better.

When googling terms like "xeon overclockable", you will occasionally find statements like "the Exx series Xeons have an open multiplier when there is an equivalent i7" or "all Exx series Xeons are overclockable from the model number of and upwards" or "this only applies to v1, v2 and v3 Xeons".

While all of these statements seems to be correct to a certain point, I got the feeling that noone really knows exactly. The fact that there are hardly any reviews of these Xeons out there emphasizes the uncertainty. So please share your knowledge, and if you got sources or screenshots of an multiplier-overclocked Xeon, please post them in this thread.Login or Sign Up. This is a sticky topic. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

While this guide is not definitive and will not contain every possible overclocking combination or guarantee results, the information detailed has been consistently duplicated and yielded repeatable results in our testing.

Of course the quality of the CPU and cooling is very important but overall we think the results on our boards should exceed those of others at like settings. Due to the nature of memory training during the post and initialization process and use of high density and high dim counts this aspect of memory training is a key aspect to be aware of.

The memory training process can affect and even change the initial stability or boot stability of a platform and is more likely to present itself in higher density configurations especially at higher frequencies where there is less variance accepted in high density modules.

For more information relative to memory training parameters please reference the memory training adjustment option of this guide. For 4. When attempting or exceeding 5. Be advised that relative to these wattage levels draw on your PSU can be very high and a PSU with a minimum of a quality 25amp rail if not 30amp rail is strongly recommended.

Aida has an advantage as it is stability test has been designed for the Sandy Bridge E architecture and test specific functions like AES, AVX and other instruction sets that prime and like synthetics do not touch. Be advised validation has not been completed using Prime 95 version 26 and LinX Approximate wattage per application approx 4. This is an important factor when overlocking as VCCSA voltage may require additional adjustment relative to the density and frequency used.

Keep in mind this will also affect overall heat output and total power draw.

x79 overclock xeon

For testing inside a chassis DRAM can also actively heat up the ambient CPU socket area, as such keep airflow and adequate cooling in mind. Recommended CFM would be at least 30CFM with a range up to 45CFM anything in excess of this greatly will help to stabilize and ensure superior overclocking scaling and stability.

Overall increase consistent high VRm temperatures 90c plus are not advised. In most situations the standard recommendation of sole multiplier scaling is advised. In certain situations the strap may be a preferred option.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts What's new Latest activity New profile posts. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 55 of 56 Go to page. Joined Oct 6, Messages 5, 1. Canada System Specs. Hey deledukesboy, how do you get more than 4. I'm at around 1. Trying to hit 4. Stupid reply hit twice Last edited: Jun 13, Joined Mar 7, Messages 1, 0. Aquinus Resident Wat-man.What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Intel Xeon Ev2. Thread starter AlphaG Start date Aug 14, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

AlphaG Member. Jun 8, 84 16 8 Intel Xeon Ev2 2. He has 4 more available. I'm thinking the prices will probably come down some more soon, but this looked like a good deal now, and I would like to get going on the update. In case anyone is looking Last edited: Jun 3, Reactions: StephZS and kiteboarder.

x79 overclock xeon

Nov 18, 32 0 6 Good price. But I'll hold and moving to v3 system now. Nanotech Active Member. Aug 1, 99 28 AlphaG said:. May 10, 94 36 18 Thanks to the original post for including your best offer success. I picked up two at the same price. Thanks again. Aluminum Active Member. Sep 7, 45 Shame there hasn't yet been a big dump of v2, they are an incredible upgrade for all those X79 systems still out there.

Aluminum said:.For start i am use XTU and it is capeble to overcklock all threads to 3.

Intel Xeon E5-2680v2

I whant to unlock and increase W TDP limit. But i am not know how to do this.

Что не так с этой - PLEXHD x79 turbo v 1.01 (НОВАЯ Китай мать LGA2011)

In internet i have read that some users get overcklock to 4. So i think there is solution to bypass W TDP limit. As XTU will not allow the turbo duration and power maximum to be unlocked so as to protect the CPU, the key considerations are: 1.

Overclocking 8-core Xeons on a standard X79 board?

Those are, in fact, the only controls available to E5 Xeons. In the example of the E v2, as the base frequency on all cores was already 3. The liquid cooler worked as the z and z have fundamentally the same motherboard and use the same BIOS. With the z liquid cooler in place, the CPU idles at C.

This required a significant increase in the CPU voltage, but the high perofrmnace cooling solution meant that his CPU could idle below 30C. Whereas I have had some CPU shut downs under load- very nerve-racking events!

Overclocking is quite addictive and the results can be rewarding, but be very careful and patient.

Vp cognizant

If you intend to overclock, consider adding a z liquid cooler as the first step. By the way, it appears that various Xeon E5 v3's- the, and v3's may be overclocked using XTU as well.

x79 overclock xeon

You wrote "he was able to overlock an E to 4. There are a number of examples on Passmark baselines running at 4. The E v2 was used also in high end Mac Pro's.

As far as I know, the ability of Brian to overclock the E v2 up to 4.

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HP workstations are quite difficult to modify as to CPU cooler, unless one uses the HP-designed z or z liquid coolers, so that some users such as Brian have resorted to specially designed external units. The enclosure that Brian designed was cut out on a fairly substantial laser.

It's not a perfect fit with the shroud and precludes adding a second CPU, but is quite effective and very quiet. Here's an earlier quick idea for an external z unit using two standard mm closed loop coolers to cool dual CPU's:. The design in terms of placement and appearance placement is not elegant but the length of the coolers fixed fluid tubes meant it had to sit directly over the CPU's. As the cooler bodies can not be detached from the sealed loop, this solution requires cutting an access panel in the top so the tubes and cooling bodies could be passed though and threaded to the sockets.

By the way, the tubes would not have 90 degree bevelled turns- that was laziness in working out a curved model when I didn't know the precise location of the two CPU's in the z This design could be used for a twin fan, single CPU cooler as well. On the subject of overclocking, this morning I changed my system to run at 4. This is another example of the criticality of effective and responsive cooling and working out an extremely stable multiplier and voltage setting.

The odd feature was that I saw today that XTU had been updated to the current version- something I never did knowingly. Brian found a very stable version more or less contemporary to the E v2 and I thought I was using that one, Good to hear from you both again, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this process The answer is yes, I can tell the difference.

If you have optimized and balanced your hardware then is the way to go. You will recognize some of the people, and some of Brian's advanced Z v2 liquid cooling images are there near the bottom:. Be sure to buy from a respected and trusted seller.The addition of boot straps chipset to CPU base clock ratios to the LGA platform should have made overclocking easier compared to multiplier-locked LGA based CPUs, and yet every manufacturer appears to have figured out a way to make the process more difficult.

ASRock, for example, make it clear where the ratios take effect as you scale up and down the base clock range. We tried maxing out all of the settings we knew might help, but to no avail. Even still, 4. We retested with a C0 Core i7 and shot straight to 4. We won't bother breaking down the settings we used to achieve that frequency because we don't want anyone to form expectations about a processor they can't actually buy.

We'll instead keep testing whatever production-era samples we can get in hopes of finding a better example of Sandy Bridge-E's potential. Once we figured out how ASRock's automatic adjustment worked, we were able to push our processor to a similar frequency as those achieved on both Asus boards. ASRock had also contacted us to say that it discovered the same C1-oriented multiplier problem in one of the 40 CPU samples it tested, credited a competitor with finding a workaround we like that kind of honestyand further stated that its team has developed a similar workaround we should have access to in mid-December.

Since that's when the testing starts for our next round-up, we'll have a good opportunity to hold ASRock to that promise and report back to you. We were instead forced to use the 1. Boot straps multiply that range by 1. Current page: X79 Overclocking. See all comments Something is wrong with your ASRock Extreme 9 testing.

You article states that you used BIOS 1. Bios 1. I have C1 and i am hitting 4. You might want re check the facts. The latest public firmware was downloaded for every motherboard on November 18, which is before ASRock says its P1. And, if you check Newegg, you'll find that Newegg was actually selling the X79 Extreme9 before firmware P1. How could that happen? ASRock has repeatedly removed previous BIOS versions from its website and labeled the replacement as the initial release.

This review was published after many hours of collaboration with ASRock, and some of the problems with this specific CPU are further detailed in the overclocking section. Not to mention that they didnt say they couldnt hit 4. This was a fun article to read.

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x79 overclock xeon

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